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Although DiSalvo Contracting Co. Inc has grown and taken on several large and substantial projects during the recent economic downturn, it has always focused on bringing personal attention to its clients, and on achieving the highest level of workmanship. To assure that, one of the principals of the Brooklyn-based firm is involved in every project. “That’s something we don’t ever want to change”, says Vincent DiSalvo, a principal with the firm.

“We always want to maintain that personal approach with our clients.”
That type of relationship has lead to referrals that have given rise to other business opportunities for DiSalvo Contracting. In fact it estimates that its repeat business is about 75% of its total.

“When you have been hired for a project, it’s not just about the profitability of that job that matters,” says Vincent’s brother, Joseph, another principal in the firm. “It’s about how that project can lead to future work. You keep that in mind as you are running the project.”
Vincent adds that the firm focuses on the experience that the client enjoys with it, from the beginning of the project to the completion, and beyond. “We’ve become very friendly with our clients and now actually work for a second generation of clients, doing second and third homes,” he says. “Our clients stay with us long after the project is over. I think that it's something that most people don’t expect, but for us it’s automatic.”

Founded in 1977 by Vincent and Joseph’s father – Vincent DiSalvo II, an Italian-trained ornamental plasterer and sculptor – DiSalvo Contracting rapidly became known for its ability to create and re-create anything in plaster. With only four full-time employees, the firm completed repair and restoration work in many pre-war residences throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn Heights. In 1983, when the elder DiSalvo retired, Vincent and Joseph took over.

“I had intended on becoming an architect, but when our dad decided to retire, we realized he made some very important contacts in some very prestigious buildings in Manhattan,” Vincent says. “We saw an opportunity to build on those contacts and expand. We took over the business and expanded into a full-service construction company.” Joseph adds that it was a natural progression to assume full ownership. “It was second nature for us, because we grew up working with our father on weekends and summers,” he says.

By 1986, DiSalvo Contracting had earned considerable recognition for its fine array of European-trained craftsmen

  specializing in decorative and ornamental plastering, marble and tile work, painting and faux finishes, and fine carpentry and millwork. In the mid-1990s, the firm transitioned into renovation work and new construction. Today, with 70 employees, it offers comprehensive services, specializing in mid-to large-scale complete renovations, as well as ground up new-home construction.

While the last 18 months have been a challenging time for the firm, Vincent points out that it was a challenging period for the industry in general. “There has been a lot of consolidation by our competitors, but we have managed to hold our own,” he says. “We feel that we’re turning the corner to a new cycle.”

Both Joseph and Vincent see a positive outlook for the company in the years to come. “While we plan to realize continued growth in our future, we are, at our very core, family owned and operated,” Joseph says. “With that comes all the charm associated with a family-run business. That comes through loud and clear at every touch point when we’re dealing with clients and architects.”

Vincent agrees, adding, “We just want to build on the substantial progress we’ve made in the last few years. We’ve experienced steady, consistent, careful growth, and we are going to continue to grow in that same manner and not overextend ourselves. We believe that we are on a good path.”
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